“The people of Hawaii were the real stars of the film.”

The Filmonista

"It’s comedy in the purest sense of the word; a return to funny as it was meant to be — without pretense."

Maui Time

“Get A Job has broken boundaries, proving it’s possible to create a quality Hawaii story, by Hawaii people. But the film is just a piece of a well-thought-out package years in the making...”

Talk Movies World

"Produced entirely in Hawaii by islanders, the ground breaking feature film has screened successfully in theaters throughout Hawaii, on the mainland, and in countries such as Spain, India, and Cambodia."

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

"One of the absolute delights is the natural comedic performances of the central cast... in sheer filmmaking technique, it’s a masterpiece. Writer-director Brian Kohne has made a professionally shot, edited and scored film."

"... Get A Job directed by Maui’s Brian Kohne took top honours for a full feature film."

Central Michigan Morning Sun

“It’s a film that concentrates on a comic view of life in Maui. I think anything that falls under that category of developing regional cinema is important... plus this film is funny."

No Ka Oi Maui Magazine

"The script is clever, the slap-stick is hilarious and the Hawaiian references are spot-on... a buddy flick in the vein of Cheech and Chong... without depending on cliché drug use or repetitive island stereotypes.

Maui Time

"As an independent filmmaker, I have great freedom. I have the freedom to determine which 20 hours of the day I work."

News Blaze

"'GET A JOB' the movie screams sequel. The director, Brian Kohne, coaxed laugh after laugh from his lead comics, Willie K, Eric Gilliom, Augie T, and Jake Shimabukuro."


"This movie is for everybody or anybody who wants to laugh and not take life too seriously. Everything will work out for itself, as long as you have a job you love doing and you make time for family."

Maui News

“It’s a madcap comedy, a throwback to the zaniness of Hope and Crosby, Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello.”

Earth Foundation Blog

"This was the first time I had ever seen an accurate portrayal in a movie of THE REAL HAWAII – and THE REAL MAUI."

B on Hawaii

"... it’s one thing for Pacific islanders to 'get' island humor, it’s quite another to be recognized 'off the rock,' as we say."


"Not only does the movie have a Pacific-fusion feel, it is also culturally enriching with first nation and global reach."

For Kaua'i

“We can make our own movies [in Hawai`i]!”

"This successful production of 'Get a Job' may well foretell a renaissance of professionalism in Maui culture and artistic expression. Where better to be inspired, after all?"